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How it all began…

When it comes to DeFi, stablecoins are the most discussed yet least understood areas of crypto. It’s obvious of their massive potential and have already proven to be a proven use case of blockchain technology. Yet, between all the collapses that plagued the cycle of 2020-2022, it became clear that their existed a gap in information for one particular stablecoin that fell under the radar, Frax.

Before Flywheel DeFi, Frax’s only marketing was unironically screenshots of Co-Founder Sam Kazemian’s messages in the Telegram group.

It became a running joke of sorts, but it became clear that the lack of information avaliable about Frax was hurting its growth. This culminated in the fall of LUNA and its stablecoin UST which went to zero and had tens of billions of dollars of value wiped off the markets in a matter of days.

When UST collapsed, FRAX was lumped along in the carnage. Although they were different in structure, to the untrained eye, all crypto-native stablecoins were the same.

If there was no one to discern the nuance between stablecoins who would? How could Frax ever expect to reach mass adoption if most people only learn about them through unreliable secondary heresay? If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

It wasn’t enough to merely help Frax with “marketing” but rather there needed to be someone to reshape the narrative about stablecoins and to uncover what real builders are doing day in and day out in DeFi.

Enter Flywheel DeFi. After the dust from LUNA eventually settled, members of the Frax community came together to start a podcast covering developments in Frax.

What started as a modest effort has turned into the full-fledge media arm of the Frax ecosystem. Taking a missionary approach, our content is geared to helping sophisticated investors and degens alike how one of DeFi’s rising blue chip protocols works as well as uncover the latest alpha in the space along the way.

Our content includes:

  • The flagship Flywheel podcast where we interview prominent and up and coming builders, threadoors, and every player in between.

  • A weekly Frax Check which delves in the Frax protocol’s performance

  • A weekly This Week in Frax which looks back on news, discussions, and governance proposals within the Frax ecosystem

  • Money Moves picks the brains of notable economists and scholars about the hottest developments and conversations in monetary theory

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