A Comprehensive Round-up of Frax's Arbitrum STIP Yields

Samuel McCulloch
Samuel McCulloch
Jan 8, 2024
A Comprehensive Round-up of Frax's Arbitrum STIP Yields

We are halfway through Arbitrum's STIP reward distribution and we've rounded up every single yield that's available for you. We've prepared them in a handy spreadsheet that you can use for your own analysis and strategy building.

Arbitrum STIP roundup

We've listed all the available Frax pools in the Arbitrum STIP in this Sheets.

Copy of Frax Fianace STIP Incentives (OpenBlock Labs)
Arbitrum Pools Token,LP Pair,Link,APR Unboosted,APR Boosted,TVL (Thousands),Pair,Type,Pool,Gauge,Bribe,Chain,Pool Address,LP Token,Gauge Address,Bribe Address,Incentivization Contract Name,Bribe Type,ID,Bribe Handler Address sfrxETH,CDP - Gravita - sfrxETH,sfrxETH,CDP,Gravita,N/A,N/A,Arbitrum,0x…

Let's look at some of the highlights of our list and analyze our Top 5 pools which we think are interesting.

Highest Yield - Ramses FRAX/USDT - 418% (Boosted)

This Ramses FRAX/USDT pool has 320k TVL and is yielding 173% unboosted and a whopping 418% fully boosted. For APR/TVL, this pool has the highest yield in all of our list.

Highest TVL - Curve frxETH/WETH - $3.9m (105% APR Boosted)

Frax's largest pool on Arbitrum is the Curve frxETH/WETH pool with close to $4m in it. To receive rewards for this pool, you will need to lock up your LP for a set time period.

Most participants in this pool are unlocked and earning the base 35% reward yield. However, if you don't mind locking up for longer, for example 180 days, you can add on a 50% boost to the yields, bringing the total to 43%.

Stablecoin Paradise - Ramses FRAX/USDC - 62% APR

We like this pool because it's got just stablecoins, which makes it a great option. This pool currently has near $700k TVL and has a base APR of 62.5%.

Best Lending Yield - Lodestar - 19.96% APR

Lodestar is an Arbitrum based money market. You can deposit your FRAX here and earn yield based on how much people borrow. Right now there are STIP yields that bring the rewards up to near 20%.

Highest Lending Yield - VaultCraft FRAX - 88%

We've featured Vaultcraft a few weeks ago in This Week in Frax, but they have finally added ARB incentive rewards and they have the highest yielding lending pools in this round up. Be advised you will need to lock up your FRAX in these pools for up to 6 months to receive rewards.

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