Beefy Finance Deploys on Fraxtal

Samuel McCulloch
Samuel McCulloch
Apr 8, 2024
Beefy Finance Deploys on Fraxtal

On April 4, 2024, Beefy Finance announced its deployment on Fraxtal. Beefy Finance is an autocompounder, allowing users to reinvest their yield earnings continually, thus optimizing returns. Beefy writes in their blog that the mechanism mirrors the recursive essence of fractals, where simple processes lead to intricate results, a fitting metaphor for Beefy's operations on the Fraxtal chain.

Currently, Beefy offers 4 separate LPs that are accepted, crvUSD/​wfrxETH/​CRV, crvUSD/​FRAX, FRAX/​USDC and wfrxETH/​sfrxETH. All of these are Curve pools and currently are earning yield ranging from 17%-160%.

What's great about Beefy is that you can automatically "zap" into the LPs with a variety of assets for each pool. This saves a lot of time of having to deposit directly into Curve.

Beefy Finance is one of the largest autocompounders in DeFi, second only to Yearn. They currently have $300m TVL of LP assets and have been operating since 2021.

Frax | Fraxtal Docs | Fraxtal Explorer | Beefy App

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