Flywheel Gets A Major Upgrade. See For Yourself.

Harnessing the Flywheel has never looked so good.

Aug 14, 2023
Flywheel Gets A Major Upgrade. See For Yourself.

Harnessing the Flywheel has never looked so good.

For the past year, Flywheel DeFi has established itself as the premier destination for Frax Education and has building a name as a source of DeFi Alpha. What started as a weekly podcast covering the Frax Ecosystem has blossomed into an all-out media effort helping educate and proliferate Frax far and wide as well as connect with some of crypto's brightest minds and most active players. While the core team ships, Flywheel remains steadfast and helping curious noobs and seasoned degens navigate one of DeFi's most dynamic protocols. Now, we have a website that better matches our efforts and future ambitions.

The new Flywheel website can be broken down into three parts: Podcasts & Shorts, Articles, and Frax 101. Our podcasts & shorts feature all of our interviews and weekly programming while our articles provide unique commentary about happenings far and wide as well as the latest in Frax Alpha. In addition, Frax 101 is the perfect springboard for anyone who is looking to learn more about Frax complete with detailed guides and tutorials.

Becoming a Cornerstone of the Frax Ecosystem

Our mission has always been to educate and spread awareness of Frax far and wide while building bridges to innovative projects and hearing from well-respected thinkers in the process. Along with delivering content, Flywheel has stepped up to be an active collaborator for Frax ecosystem from organizing the Frax Educational Incentives Program to recently wrapping up the first-ever FraxBUILD hackathon. With the advent of Fraxchain coming on the horizon, Flywheel will continue entrenching itself as the go-to destination for Frax, DeFi, and everything in-between.

P.S. Frax Merch is now available here.

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