All the Details for Flywheel's Galxe Quests

Samuel McCulloch
Samuel McCulloch
Feb 15, 2024
All the Details for Flywheel's Galxe Quests

We're really excited to kick off the first round of Galxe Quests from Frax and Flywheel. These on-chain quests help guide people to discover the Frax ecosystem and learn more about how they can use Fraxtal.

You can take part in two quests right now designed around the recent Fraxtal announcement and also the currently running STIP reward program. Let's dive into both quests so you can complete them and potentially win some ARB, USDC, or FXS tokens.

Frax and Flywheel's Joke Race Quest

We've written before about the JokeRace competition for Frax. The Galxe quest provides an extra incentive on top and helps people find the submission.

For the first Frax/Flywheel JokeRace Contest, we are holding a competition of who has the most effective tweets about Frax's ARB STIP program. For those unfamiliar, the Arbitrum Short-Term Incentive Program was launched with the goal of increasing the overall TVL on the rollup and Frax was voted to be one of the participants in the effort. As a result, yields on Frax-related pools have been HIGH yet information asymmetry still persists. The Joke Race is a contest to submit the best tweet about Arbitrum STIP and how to earn yields with Frax.

The way to take part in both the Joke Race and Galxe quest is to go to the Contest page. Then complete all the actions, such as following Frax and Flywheel, signing up for the email list, and then submitting your best tweet for the Joke Race. Once you complete all the steps, you'll automatically be entered into the Galxe and Joke Race contests.

The winner of the Galxe quest will receive 100 ARB and there will be 5 winners of the Joke Race who get 100 FXS each.

Mint Flywheel's Fraxtal Genesis NFT

Our second Galxe quest requires you to go mint a free NFT for our recently released Flywheel episode with Sam Kazemian on

This free mint is apart of Frax and Flywheel's Fraxtal Genesis collection. The mint is done on Optimism, so its super cheap to complete the transaction. You won't need but a few cents of ETH to mint.

Once you mint the NFT, you can complete the other parts of the Galxe quest, like watching the episode on Youtube and reading the Fraxtal docs. Once you've completed all the steps, you'll have learned a ton about the upcoming public launch of Fraxtal and how it's going to massively boost the Frax ecosystem

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