Frax 101 - A Complete Guide to Using Frax Finance

Articles, video tutorials and walkthroughs covering the entire range of Frax products.

Samuel McCulloch
Samuel McCulloch
June 19, 2023
Frax 101 - A Complete Guide to Using Frax Finance

This page is a repository of videos and articles covering all Frax assets and products.

If you have any questions about Frax 101 or are having any problems using the Frax website, please join the Flywheel telegram to get all of your questions answered.

Frax 101 Topics

How to Navigate the Frax Finance Dashboard

FRAX Stablecoin

Frax 101: What is FRAX? A Complete History of the Protocol’s Flagship Dollar-Pegged Stablecoin
From v1 to stablecoin maximalism, this guide provides everything you need as a starting point into Frax Finance starting with $FRAX
Dividends vs Buybacks - What’s better for Frax?
We look at the different ways Frax can return value to FXS holders.
Does Stablecoin Rating Agency Bluechip Miss the Mark on Peg Stability?
Frax community and Bluechip engage in a heated debate over stability metrics and rating methodologies for stablecoins, challenging the understanding of peg stability and liquidity.
Frax’s New Balance Sheet is 10,000x Better Than Wall Street
Frax has done something that no other business or commercial enterprise has ever done before... radical transparency into its books.
Analysis: The Frax Stablecoin Thesis
A guest analysis covering the entirety of Frax’s product suite and potential growth factors.


Everything you need to know about FrxETH v2 w/ Sam Kazemian
The Frax Founder unpacks frxETH v2, Fraxchain (you heard that right), and more in this alpha-packed hour.
What is Liquid Staking and How is frxETH V2 Radically Changing It?
How all LST’s are loans and why Frax’s frxETH V2 enables fully decentralized peer-to-pool lending and borrowing.
A Walkthrough of the FrxETH AMO and its Economic Mechanisms
FrxETH is an ETH-pegged stablecoin who’s positive economic flywheel gives it a unique value prop compared to other LSDs
Yearn Dev Wavey0x Accidentally Embarks On A FrxETH Journey
One small thread caused a firestorm on Twitter and led a Yearn Dev to write one of the most comprehensive guides on FrxETH to date
How frxETH v2 Balances Capital Efficiency With Decentralization
An informative guest post by StableScarab highlights the Loan-to-Value ratio of Frax’s upcoming LSD upgrade
Frax 101: frxETH and sfrxETH
Here’s how Frax Finance builds in the liquid staking space from an economically-rational perspective.
New Feature on Frax Facts Highlights The Strength of sfrxETH
Earnings for 1000 ETH staked shows how sfrxETH is leading the pack by a large margin.

How to Stake ETH with Frax as sfrxETH


Frax Launches veFPIS Staking & Explainer of the FPI Ecosystem
veFPIS marks a major step in developments for Frax’s CPI-pegged stablecoin and ushers in a new era for the protocol
Dear Cathie Wood, Yes We Have An Inflation Targeting Stablecoin...
Arthur Laffer is ahead of the curve with his thoughts on what the “geniuses” in crypto should build.
Bing Bong Your Inflation is Gone: Everything You Need To Know About FPI
Frax released its CPI-pegged stablecoin last year to much fanfare. But how does it work and how can it be utilized to hedge your portfolio?


Why FraxFerry is the Best Crypto Bridge for Billionaires
How to send $100m without worrying about North Korean hackers ruining the fun.

What is Fraxferry and How to Use It



Core Dev Drake Evans Explains How Fraxlend Triples Up on Oracles for Safety While Lending Against Curve LPs
A recap of a Thread by the Frax Core Team Developer shows how Frax is taking security seriously.
Fraxlend: Becoming A Bank
Frax launches its final piece to complete the DeFi Trinity with Fraxlend.


Fraxchain: The Ultimate Boost for FrxETH’s Monetary Premium and Yield Potential
At the end of Kazemian’s most recent interview, he gave us hints of what the mechanisms of such a rollup could look like


FrxBTC: Everything we know so far
A full breakdown of the potential Bitcoin stablecoin…


Meet Jon Walch, the Newest Frax Core Team Dev Who Built frxGov
The man who is saving us all from multi-sigs sits down for an extensive interview.
Frax 101: Governance 2.0 - What is frxGov?
The advent of frxGov marks an important step in decentralizing the protocol and bringing the execution of decisions fully on-chain.

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