Frax Year in Review 2022: The DeFi Trinity is Born (And Then Some!)

This year, Frax evolved from being just a stablecoin to becoming a full-fledged financial stack for an on-chain world.

DeFi Dave
DeFi Dave
Dec 29, 2022
Frax Year in Review 2022: The DeFi Trinity is Born (And Then Some!)

Between the highest of highs and lowest of lows, if there is one word that could encapsulate Frax in 2022, it would be “perseverance”. The year started with fresh ATHs and the vision of the DeFi Trinity that consisted of a lending market, a DEX, and a stablecoin all under one roof. During the spring, Frax’s consumer price index-pegged stablecoin FPI and the 4pool became the hottest topics of discussion which culminated in both the airdrop of FPIS as well as unfortunately the collapse of Terra LUNA. Coming out of the situation unscathed and undeterred, Frax would stay heads down and ship Fraxswap, Fraxlend, FrxETH, and Fraxferry. One of the shining milestones this year was Frax integrating with Curve at a protocol level with the passing of FRAXBP and approval to be whitelisted. Furthermore, Flywheel would launch as a podcast and bring a proper spotlight to these novel developments with exclusive interviews of core team devs & threadoors, daily protocol checks, events & meetups, and much more. By the end of the year, Frax had firmly established itself as one of the strongest DeFi protocols around as the narrative evolves from Frax being another stablecoin to the Frax building a full-fledged financial system for an on-chain world.

Overall, Frax is in a prime position coming into 2023 with lots of momentum building around its yield-generating primitives such as FrxETH and Fraxlend. The core team intends to release their 2023 roadmap shortly after the new year but going forward, we can expect Frax’s collateral ratio to continuing inching back towards 100% and for progress to be made in attaining a coveted Federal Reserve Master Account.

And without further ado, I present to you the Frax 2022 Year in Review!

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