Respecting the Chain w/ Mouse Dev - DeFi Dave’s Homebrew Tea #1

'Modest' Mouse Dev shares his stories of saving tens of thousands of dollars on-chain (among other things)

DeFi Dave
DeFi Dave
March 16, 2023

The world on-chain can be dark and unforgiving. One false move could result in the catastrophic loss of your cheese. It is the faustian bargain we make, trading in convenience for sovereignty. The immutable ledger of Ethereum and other L1s require near-surgical precision when deploying contracts and when it comes to fixing them… well sheeeeiiit it demands both creativity and perseverance from those who seek the challenge. Luckily, there are brave devs out there who answer the call to traverse the dark forest and come out unscathed with once vulnerable funds now safu.

On the very first episode of DeFi Dave’s Homebrew Tea, I got to one of those individuals, Mouse Dev. The seasoned NFT vet has been a dev for some time but his interest in crypto only peaked when he realized that “checking the chain” meant and not even a year later he was sharing stories from the front lines. If there is one thing for certain from hearing his stories, you have to respect the chain.

Even when first meeting Mouse Dev, I knew his heart was in the right place. It’s devs like him that allow crypto natives whether they be DeFi degens, NFT hypebeasts, Hippie DAOists, and everyone in between to execute their transactions in peace. We all have a place in this world we are building and Mouse Dev shows that when you find your “ikigai,” the universe has a way of rewarding you.

In this episode, we get deep into the chain and even the nature of cryptography itself. Hope you enjoy this one, you might learn a thing or two for the next time you decide to continue your journey on-chain.

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