Stacy Muur Explains Frax - Flywheel #74

Samuel McCulloch
Samuel McCulloch
Oct 18, 2023
Stacy Muur Explains Frax - Flywheel #74

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In this week's episode we've invited on Stacy Muur to share why she is so bullish on Frax.

We're going to reprint an excellent write up that Stacy made about Frax from September 2023, where she dives into every product Frax offers.

Frax Finance is one of my top investment convictions for 2023-2024.

To help you understand why I'm so bullish on $FXS, I've summarized everything you need to know:

❯ Ecosystem flywheel
❯ Future upgrades
❯ Long-term confidence

Let's go!

@fraxfinance is undoubtedly one of the most intricate DeFi ecosystems. It encompasses all trending DeFi categories, creating a robust revenue flywheel:

  • Liquid Staking: $frxETH – currently the most yielding LST with multiple LSTfi options.
  • Stablecoins: $FRAX and $FPI – a stablecoin pegged to a basket of consumer assets.
  • Stablecoin staking: $sFRAX (voting)
  • Lending: FraxLend
  • AMM/TWAMML FraxSwap
  • Bridge: FraxFerry
  • L2: FraxChain (to be released)
  • ve(3,3): $FXS


Their flagship product, the FRAX stablecoin, was the first stablecoin to combine partial collateralization with algorithmic control.

Although they transitioned to a fully collateralized model in 2023 after the collapse of $UST, this move demonstrated Frax Finance's commitment to innovation and pushing the industry's boundaries.


Frax Finance's native DEX, FraxSwap, was launched in June 2022, making it the first live implementation of the Time-Weighted Automated Market Maker (TWAMM) in the market.

This innovative system allows for the processing of large orders over time, preventing significant price fluctuations.

FraxSwap is also utilized for the buyback of FXS tokens from the market. The profits generated from Frax Finance's algorithmic market operations (AMO) are used for this purpose. These AMOs leverage collateral in Frax Finance, contributing to the yield for FXS holders.


Following the deployment of FraxLend, a money market platform, Frax Finance experienced a significant increase in the adoption of FRAX.

This platform allowed users to borrow FRAX by using assets as collateral. Additionally, Frax Finance actively participated in the well-known Curve Wars, strategically directing rewards to FRAX pools to attract more users to the platform.


To support their multichain expansion efforts, Frax Finance later introduced FraxFerry. This platform assists with the seamless bridging of Frax assets across the supported chains.


Finally, let's talk about one of Frax's most significant products: Frax Ether (frxETH). It marked Frax's entry into the LSD space, competing with market leaders such as Lido and Rocket Pool.

Although frxETH was launched in October 2022, it rapidly became one of the protocol's crucial offerings. This was due to the growing popularity of the LSD narrative leading up to this year's Ethereum Shapella upgrade.

In May 2023, Frax Finance introduced frxETH V2, which took frxETH to the next level. In essence, frxETH V2 redefined LSDs as a way to lend ETH to validators and earn "interest." Stakers receive the yield as the interest payment.

Under this framework, frxETH V2 allows deposited ETH in Frax to be lent out to Ethereum node operators. These operators provide the necessary collateral and pay an interest rate to borrow ETH from Frax Finance. The interest payments from these loans are distributed to frxETH stakers as yield.


In contrast to existing Layer 2 solutions in the market, Fraxchain will introduce a hybrid rollup approach by combining the technologies of Optimistic rollups and zk-rollups.

What makes Fraxchain even more intriguing is its use of frxETH as the gas token on the chain, instead of ETH like other platforms. To ensure sufficient liquidity of frxETH on the chain, FraxFerry will be integrated with Fraxchain right from the start.

The utilization of frxETH for gas transactions holds great significance for Frax Finance. These fees are distributed to holders of veFXS, which can be obtained by locking FXS tokens. This adds further value to FXS stakers who are already benefiting from FXS buybacks funded by FraxLend and FraxSwap fees.

Moreover, as the quantity of frxETH held for gas and utilized on the chain increases, the staked supply of frxETH decreases. This dynamic boosts the overall yield for staked frxETH (sfrxETH) holders, making frxETH more attractive compared to other LSD solutions.

Additionally, there have been hints that Fraxchain will fully utilize account abstraction instead of Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs).

What makes me extremely confident about Frax Finance's long-term success?

• Frax Finance is undeniably one of the most innovative builders in DeFi.
• The introduction of FraxChain will significantly increase the Frax market cap by at least $100M.
• Whenever the price falls below $5, $FXS is repurchased.
• The design of the Frax Ecosystem ensures that the success of one element contributes to the prosperity of the entire ecosystem.
• 51% of circulating $FXS is currently staked.
• There is a possibility that frxETH will be the next asset added to EigenLayer's restaking.

Are you bullish now?


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