IQ.WIKI: The Future of Real-Time AI is On-chain - Flywheel #66

Aug 23, 2023
IQ.WIKI: The Future of Real-Time AI is On-chain - Flywheel #66

This week on the podcast we had on Jae, the host of the IQ Times, which covers in the same way Flywheel covers Frax. He also runs the Frax Discord. We looked into how has become the official scribe for the world on-chain and talked about IQ GPT, a brand new product positioning itself as the world’s first AI Crypto Search Engine.

Given the shared DNA between Frax and IQ.Wiki, is IQ GPT the next logical masterpiece from the Kazemian boot camp?

Watch our latest interview with Rae from IQ.WIKI here:

What is

To the Flywheel community, IQ.Wiki is no stranger. Our very own DeFiDave started his journey with Sam Kazemian at its predecessor Everipedia. is the largest crypto and blockchain encyclopedia in the world. From meme coins, protocols, and historical events to KOLs and founder biographies, has it all. Even topics that CoinDesk or The Defiant may not cover. All the edits and articles written on are stored on-chain with Polygon and IPFS. To add to this, the database of content from the platform is integrated into IQ GPT.

IQ.Wiki is powered by the IQ token. Governed by IQ token stakers, users who stake and lock up their IQ for HiIQ are given exclusive voting power based on the amount they hold. The token is managed by BrainDAO which the IQ stakers look over. The value of the IQ token is backed by the DAO's treasury of IQ tokens, stablecoins, NFTs, and other blue chip assets. Additionally, stakers have greater access to utility and access to the dapps provided by like IQ GPT.


While almost all of us have used ChatGPT to proofread text or write apology letters to our significant others, IQ GPT is carving its own niche in the crypto space. If you try to ask ChatGPT about Frax, it barely has any knowledge of it. Supposedly it has no access to the internet. If you ask “What is Frax v3, you get this answer:

Pretty disappointing in our view. We can assume that ChatGPT would have access to new data, is it just not using it for some (copyright?) reasons.

Jae mentioned in the interview that ChatGPT scrapes the internet to provide the answers to questions only up until 2021. So the data and news is 2 years behind neglecting any recent articles or new events. IQ GPT uses real-time information and data to provide its answers. No shade towards ChatGPT though its answers are slowly becoming extraneous because it's using older information. ChatGPT is more of a chatbot as opposed to a search engine.

This is where IQ Wiki steps in, they are partnering with platforms like CoinGecko, The Associated Press, and renowned entities like Flywheel DeFi to have up-to-the-minute data on every major asset and protocol in DeFi.

So when asking IQ GPT “What is Frax v3?” You get a much, much different response...

IQ GPT is the world's first fully on-chain, crypto search engine. Anything happening in the world of crypto can be answered by IQ GPT. Especially with all the plugins from source providers, the information provided is consistently up-to-date.

Jae explained, "that if you want to know Sam Kazemians one rep max for deadlifts you could ask the AI and it will provide a calculated guess and table to what his one rep deadlift max would be."

And its not just Frax info that IQ GPT has access to. Want to know everything there is to know about IQ Wiki has you covered.

IQ GPT is currently in beta, IQ holders that stake 100k HiIQ are able to use it. IQ GPT is built on top of OpenAi's ChatGTP 4 API, it also includes several plug-ins of partners and source providers such as IQ Wiki, AP News, Coinness, Coingecko, Binance Academy and InvestHK, the government-run VC/overseas business development sector of Hong Kong. Users can select all or just one plug-in for whatever question they have.

For example, if someone had a question regarding the amount of ETH held by Hong Kong residents, they may choose to only select the InvestHK plugin.

Jae dropped some exclusive alpha during the interview mentioning the integration of Etherscan into IQ GPT. Adding block scanners as a plugin will open up a whole new section of the world on-chain for the search engine.

With this new feature users can discover potential exploits, catch hacks faster, and even follow the biggest whales. While IQ GPT won't be able to directly respond with, "Hey this project will rug you" it could provide the information that saves your assets from being stolen.

Want to check out IQ GPT? Buy and Stake IQ to get access now.

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