The Stablecoin Bull Run w/ DeFiDad - Flywheel #80

Samuel McCulloch
Samuel McCulloch
Nov 29, 2023
The Stablecoin Bull Run w/ DeFiDad - Flywheel #80

Action Items

In this week's episode of Flywheel with DeFiDave and Kapital K we had on DeFiDad, host of The Edge podcast and super positive educator. His thorough understanding of stablecoins, DeFi protocols, and his ability to simplify intricate concepts make him a valuable pillar in the DeFi community.

DeFiDad is such a refreshing person to be around, he drips positivity and we loved getting his insights on Frax, the current bull run, and the future of DeFi.

Frax: An Indispensable Staple in DeFi

As we discussed Frax, it was evident that DeFiDad admires the Frax Core Dev team because of their genuine intention to develop innovative stablecoin protocols. He thinks that Frax has managed to strike a balance between building for new users in DeFi and focusing on the more advanced users already in the space. DeFiDad said that the key to Frax's success lies in building products that cater to the existing user base, while also continuing to innovate and create new value.

Frax's approach of creating stablecoins and sub-protocols within the system is seen as a beautiful and simple concept. DeFiDad also praised Frax for its strategic thinking and the ability to see the benefit of plugging into Curve and Convex.

Content Creation for Crypto

We also talked at length with DeFiDad about the difficulties of creating content for DeFi and Crypto. At Flywheel we have had a long and winding journey to help educate people about Frax. It's not always been easy, especially through this bear cycle. The vibes were super bad when we started, but recently we've seen significant changes as prices have climbed higher.

DeFiDad has used this time to reflect on how he can be a better educator himself and also how he could make The Edge the best crypto podcast on the market. We obviously recommend starting with the episode with Frax Founder Sam Kazemian.

Building for the Consumer

One of the themes touched on over and over in the podcast was DeFiDad's preference for protocols that help onboard new users. It's extremely hard to build in this industry. It's cutthroat competition, plugged in with hyper liquid capital makes user retention tough. And not to mention any of the scams that litter the space.

For real builders, there's a clear opportunity to build products that can last for decades.

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