The Top Yields for Frax on Arbitrum Pt. 2

Samuel McCulloch
Samuel McCulloch
Jan 15, 2024
The Top Yields for Frax on Arbitrum Pt. 2

We're returning this week with another update for the ongoing Arbitrum Short Term Incentive Program (STIP). Frax is in the middle of distributing 1.5m ARB over a 3 month period and this article covers every single available opportunity.

What is the Arbitrum STIP?

The STIP is a 3 month incentive program voted on by the Arbitrum DAO to bring renewed interest, attract new users, and build liquidity across all the decentralized apps that call Arbitrum home.

Frax requested 1.5m ARB from a total of 50m to increase liquidity for all of its products and assets. The Arbitrum DAO voted heavily in favor to include Frax in this program.

Read more about Frax's involvement in STIP

Exclusive First Look: How Frax is Allocating Its STIP Funds on Arbitrum
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What Opportunities are there for Frax on Arbitrum?

Flywheel has aggregated all the incentivized pools in a handy spreadsheet. Use it to track APRs, TVL, and find links to all the DApps.

Frax Fianace STIP Incentives
Arbitrum Pools Token,LP Pair,Link,Jan 15 APR Unboosted,Jan 15 APR Boosted,APR Change,Jan 15 TVL (Thousands),TVL Change,Jan 8 APR Unboosted,Jan 8 APR Boosted,Jan 8 TVL (Thousands),Pair,Type,Pool,Gauge,Bribe,Chain,Pool Address,LP Token,Gauge Address sfrxETH,CDP - Gravita - sfrxETH,sfrxETH,CDP,Gravita

This week we have started tracking weekly changes in TVL and APR. We used green and red to track increases or decreases to these stats.

Interesting Weekly Changes

Biggest TVL Increase - Curve FraxBP

Over the last week, the FRAXBP, which consists of USDC and FRAX, had the biggest TVL change, growing more than $1.5 million. Additionally, the yields increased in response to TVL to 35% unboosted and 100% fully boosted with a max lock in Frax's staking system.

Instructions to add liquidity to FRAXBP

  1. Add funds to on Arbitrum
  2. Stake and lock on Frax's staking

Biggest APR change - Merkle's Uniswap v3 frxETH/FRAX

This pool has tripled its yield from last week and is now offering 95% APR. This pool is supported by Merkl, run by Angle on Arbitrum. The pool is receiving 500 ARB daily.

Instructions to add liquidity on Merkl

  1. Go to Merkl
  2. Search and select the UniswapV3 frxETH-FRAX 0.3% LP
  3. Add Frax or frxETH

Best Lending Pool - Vaultcraft FRAX

Vaultcraft is a new protocol that takes FRAX and locks it in Fraxlend for up to 6 months. Frax just launched their new GMX and WBTC pools and the yields are quadruple digits right now. While there is not that much TVL, these pools will be ramping up over the next few weeks. If you are one of the first to deposit, you'll get some high yields until they fill up.

Click here for VaultCraft's FRAX pools

Did we miss a yield? Join our Telegram to let us know and we'll update the spreadsheet. Also, come talk with us about your STIP strategy and how you are maximizing this 3 month incentive program.

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