thirdweb Offers Fraxtal Gas Rebates for Developers to Build

Samuel McCulloch
Samuel McCulloch
March 20, 2024
thirdweb Offers Fraxtal Gas Rebates for Developers to Build

Thirdweb and Optimism have joined forces to launch the Superchain App Accelerator. Funded with $3 million, the accelerator is set to empower developers in the Superchain network to create innovative and seamless applications. And best of all they are providing gas rebates for builders on Fraxtal.

Superchain App Accelerator - Powered by thirdweb and Optimism

The Superchain App Accelerator is a response to the growing need for consumer apps that simplify the EVM experience at a time when our industry is witnessing an upsurge in consumer-oriented crypto applications across various sectors, including digital collectibles, gaming, and social media.

Despite the recent EIP-4844 upgrade that lowered gas costs significantly, the cost of delivering a superior onchain user experience remains challenging for some developers. This is where the Superchain App Accelerator and thirdweb steps in, to bring the cost of building & using onchain apps to zero in collaboration with Optimism.

What is thirdweb?

Thirdweb is a comprehensive platform for web3 development that offers a full stack of tools for EVM-compatible blockchains that simplifies the development process, enabling over 70,000 developers to create seamless web3 apps and games.

Thirdweb's mission is to broaden the web3 ecosystem, empower users with digital ownership, provide developers with full control over their creations, and promote openness by open-sourcing its tools. Targeting web3-native builders and startups, Thirdweb is committed to unlocking the internet's true potential through a new era of digital ownership and decentralized, permissionless innovation.

Inside the Superchain App Accelerator Program

The program offers grants to developers on the Superchain network to build new apps and services. Initially, the accelerator will provide $450,000 in gas credits for developers to utilize in paymaster operations across various Superchain networks, including OP Mainnet, Base, Zora, Mode, and most importantly, Fraxtal.

Over the course of the year, credits will be distributed for various activities aimed at supporting Superchain developers. These activities include subsidizing transaction costs, deploying smart contracts, minting NFTs, and utilizing the full ThirdWeb stack, which encompasses in-app wallets, account abstraction, and other essential blockchain services.

A Call to Innovate on Fraxtal

If you are a dev or builder looking to deploy and app on Fraxtal, you can apply now for a grant to get started.

Developers can apply to receive gas credits for your app to cover:

  • Usr transactions
  • Contract deployments
  • Any products in thirdweb’s stack

ThirdWeb's program is already live and you can start taking advantage of their gas rebates today.

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