This Week in Frax - January 19, 2024

Samuel McCulloch
Samuel McCulloch
Jan 19, 2024
This Week in Frax - January 19, 2024

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What's on Our Radar This Week

  1. Fraxbonds are Live!
  2. CVX5 Interview with Jason Hitchcock
  3. Coindesk interviews Sam K
  4. Sam K to speak at StableSummit
  5. Frax Shares Price Analysis
  6. Governance Roundup
  7. Arbitrum STIP Farming Opportunities

Fraxbonds are Live!

Yesterday we got an announcement that Fraxbonds are live and currently available for minting! Frax's newest RWA product went live with three separate expirations on Ethereum. Read our full analysis for all the details.

CVX5 Interview with Jason Hitchcock

a new BD group called CVX5 wrote a proposal in the Frax gov forums this week to help bring new projects, protocols, and liquidity to Frax. We sat down with founding member Jason Hitchcock to discuss their goals and what they hope to bring to the table. 

Coindesk Interviews Frax Founder Sam Kazemian on Fraxtal

With the launch of Fraxtal only a few days away, major crypto media outlets are starting to report on its launch.

“The current timeline is the first week of February. Etherscan will support it on day 1 with Fraxscan, and a huge slew of projects will debut soon after launch. It will surely be one of the biggest rollup releases of the year.”

Sam K. told Coindesk that he expects a big impact from Fraxtal:

“We expect at least a 9-figure total value locked in the first month and $1 billion plus for Q1. That should put us in the top 5 chains soon thereafter if our innovations are well received.”

Sam Kazemian to Speak at StableSummit

Frax Shares (FXS)

FXS declined for the past week, dropping from a high of $9.60 down to a weekly low of $8.60, a decline of $10 for the week.

On the weekly chart FXS is still near the top of its range for the past year. This consolidation period might be broken once Fraxchain launches in February, as it would drive massive new interest into Frax's L2 for 2024


Where to Find Single-Sided FXS Yield 🤑 thumbnail




Want to get our analysis on this week's governance? Come join the Flywheel Telegram group to read our write-up.

Want to Know the Best Frax Yields on Arbitrum?

The Top Yields for Frax on Arbitrum Pt. 2

Are your farming Arbitrum's Short Term Incentive Program (STIP) rewards yet? If not, we've got you covered. Check out our spreadsheet we update every Monday with the full lineup of available rewards for Frax's full suite of assets.

Did You See Our Interview with Blueberry?

Catch up on our latest episode with Slater Heil from Blueberry Protocol. We spoke with him about the upcoming launch of his undercollateralized lending protocol. We also wrote an analysis of the upcoming launch, looking at all the different ways that you will be able to earn the BLB token.

Catch up on the Alpha!

$fxUSD to power LSDs and give Frax the edge! - Cryptovestor's Alpha Corner #11

Cryptovestor had some great analysis of a potential upcoming addition of sfrxETH to f(x) protocol, which creates a stable and leveraged position from staked ETH. CV thinks that f(x) is "the f(x) platform will be the most efficient hub for LSDs to grow their TVL and incentivize liquidity."

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