This Week in Frax - September 1, 2023

Flatcoins, Prisma Finance launches, Groom Laker interview, Cryptovestor's new article and more

Samuel McCulloch
Samuel McCulloch
Sept 1, 2023

Everyone is talking Flatcoins

Well Brian, we have something for you.... it's called FPI and its been operating profitably for over a year. Any chance we can slide into your DMs?

Ray Dalio knows whats up too.

Someone needs to tell them....

Dear Cathie Wood, Yes We Have An Inflation Targeting Stablecoin...
Arthur Laffer is ahead of the curve with his thoughts on what the “geniuses” in crypto should build.

Prisma Finance Launches, Hits $6m sfrxETH Cap


If you haven't watched the interview for this week with FDR, stop everything and go queue it up. It's quite possibly the best breakdown of OpSec in crypto.

Groom Lake: The Private Military Corporation for DeFi - Flywheel #67
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Cryptovestor Brought the Frax Alpha

CV is joining the team to write bi-weekly Frax Alpha articles for us. His first round up went out on Tuesday.

Cryptovestor’s Alpha Corner #1
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We wrote how to trade sfrxETH yield with Pendle Finance

Pendle allows you to trade yield, and we wrote up an in-depth guide for you to trade sfrxETH.

How to trade sfrxETH yield with Pendle Finance
Pendle has been making a lot of waves with its yield trading system. We’re going to explore in this post how you can earn additional yield on your sfrxETH and even trade future yield outcomes with Pendle Finance.

Sam K Comments on Polygon's Bridge + DSR Implementation

All bridges are stablecoin issuers and hypothecate to earn revenue. Called this in my stablecoin maximalism speech earlier in the year. Not the first bridge and won't be the last - Sam K

Ramses Exchange Attracts sfrxETH Liquidity


Liquis + Frax

Lenx + Frax SubDAO

Hey Frax, long time no talk, we've been heads down building. Proud to present We are seeded by FRAX and want to keep going as a subDAO of FRAX to specialize in omnichain lending AMOs. Let us know what you guys think
Omnichain Liquidity Starts with LENX

Sam Kazemian Q&A

Frax Team & Legalities:

Q: Is Frax a legal entity? How does the team handle legal matters?
Sam Kazemian A: Frax is fully decentralized and is not a legal entity. We are cautious about U.S. laws and are considering transitioning to a more autonomous structure to prevent any potential regulatory capture.
Q: So are there no legal structures around Frax at all?
Sam Kazemian A: We are currently examining various paths to ensure that Frax can operate autonomously and in a decentralized manner, but as of now, it's not a legal entity.

Zero-Duration Yield Curve:
Q: What can you tell us about the upcoming development related to the near-zero duration part of the yield curve?
A: We are working on something that will address this issue. It will be similar in function to how DAI DSR operates but will offer more flexibility. More details will be released soon.

Upcoming Developments:
Q: Any teasers about upcoming developments you could share?
A: We are planning on introducing new staking mechanisms. This may involve a new token, possibly called "zfrax", which will work in conjunction with FXBs.

Q: Is "zfrax" intended to incentivize certain behaviors in the ecosystem?
A: Yes, it's designed to encourage more interactions and to offer added utility in the Frax ecosystem.

Stablecoin Issuers & Bridges:
Q: Can you expand on "stablecoin maximalism" and how all bridges are stablecoin issuers?
A: Yes, in the bigger picture, all bridges actually function as stablecoin issuers and generate revenue through hypothecation. It's an ecosystem where stablecoins are at the core.


Live Votes

Sunset FraxFerry for Aurora, Boba, and EVMOS

Pending Votes

[FIP-2XX] Flywheel Website Subsidy

[FIP-2XX] Flywheel Website Subsidy
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