This Week in Frax - April 12, 2024

Samuel McCulloch
Samuel McCulloch
Apr 12, 2024

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  1. End of an Era
  2. StableScarab Predicts FLOX Will Help Fraxtal Hit the Top 5
  3. Fraxlend Sees Fresh Round of Liquidations
  4. Frax Deploys to Metis
  5. Frax Partners with BaseSwap
  6. Sam Kazemian Goes on Bankless
  7. Fraxtal Tops Chart for New TVL
  8. Governance

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End of an Era

It's been fun while it lasted. This is Flywheel's final post with the current crew.

Over the last two years we've been grateful for your community support. We've championed Frax and its partners, helping educate and onboard.

We're still going to continue the podcast. Each week we will continue to bring you DeFi Dave and Kiet hosting the best interviews in crypto.

Thank you for your support.

StableScarab Predicts FLOX Will Help Fraxtal Hit the Top 5

Fraxlend Sees Fresh Round of Liquidations

Today the price of FXS fell 25% as of writing. This rapid decline in price led to a large round of liquidations on Fraxlend.

More than $2m worth of FXS was liquidated as the price fell rapidly below 6.

The bright red means game over.

Truly blood in the streets today. *salute_emoji

FXS has now retraced its entire move over the last 6 months, running up to a high of $10.85, then selling off 53% as of today's prices.

While this is not the outcome a lot of people wanted to see, the lower prices does allow Frax to repurchase more FXS using the TWAMM.

Frax Deploys to Metis

Frax Partners with BaseSwap

Sam Kazemian Goes on Bankless

Fraxtal Tops Chart for New TVL






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