This Week in Frax April 22-28th, 2023

sfrxETH Yields, StakeDao unlock goes to vote, TG discussions

Samuel McCulloch
Samuel McCulloch
Apr 28, 2023

This week was quiet to say the least. No new major product, announcements, governance, proposals, or market movements. In today's show, we discussed the article that we published yesterday on where to find the best yields for frxETH.

Give the latest video a watch to get a rundown of everything that happened in the past week.

Best of Telegram

Qorban created an exceptional Dune dashboard. Link to the Dune Dashboard

Sam Kazemian provided some comments on the CR going to 100% and its effect on revenues for FXS.

Luke is doing some great work to get his rage quit proposal across the line.

The upcoming crvUSD launch raises a lot of questions on how Frax will be integrated.

Sam Kazemian gave his thoughts on stablecoins as securities.

FrxETH want to always be centralized, there are big plans ahead.

Ruby asked a question on the FrxETH/ETH Curve LP composition

When BAMM was asked this week.

Solisnek announced to new stable pools using Frax.

Luke and Sam got into a back-and-forth on the rage quit.

USDFI announced they will integrate Frax.


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