This Week in Frax - Feb 22, 2024

Samuel McCulloch
Samuel McCulloch
Feb 23, 2024
This Week in Frax - Feb 22, 2024

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On February 22, 2024, Sam Kazemian proposed a merge of FPIS into FXS. This would reunite the FPI protocol under the backing of FXS, which would allow for its renewed growth by lifting the supply cap of $100.

In the proposal, Sam Kazemian recommended to "Merge FPIS tokens into the FXS distribution at a fixed exchange rate of 1 FPIS to a 4 year veFXS lock meaning that in 4 years, 1 FPIS can be withdrawn from veFXS as 1 FXS if a user does not extend the lock."

The proposal has been the main topic of discussion in the Frax community with people picking sides. As of publishing of the proposal, FPIS was trading at an average of $1.10 since last October, with a circulating market cap of approximately $30m. The initial proposal values FPIS at a 1:1 ratio with FXS, currently trading at $8.

The proposal's reception has been one of the most contentious in Frax's history, as the interconnected nature of FXS and FPIS holders creates potential conflicts of interest.

We at Flywheel at watching the discussion closely as the initial proposal for a 1:1 is currently being revised and will be reposted potentially in the next week or two.

Frax Partners with Ethena Labs and USDe

Come Meet Us At ETH Denver

Last Call: ETHDenver Sendoff w/ Frax, Flywheel, and QiDao

Cover Image for Last Call: ETHDenver Sendoff w/ Frax, Flywheel, and QiDao

​For those who are staying at ETHDenver until the very end, your friends at Frax, Flywheel, and QiDao are hosting one last happy hour. Come say hi (and bye) to your one last time a before we all go back home. Hope to see you there!

A Fraxtal in Time

Cover Image for A Fraxtal In Time

Join us for a special occasion on March 1st as we celebrate the launch of Frax's pioneering rollup with drinks, and exclusive Frax panel, and a surprise performance that honors Denver's deep bass music culture.




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