This Week in Frax - February 16, 2024

Samuel McCulloch
Samuel McCulloch
Feb 16, 2024

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  1. RedStone Announces Support for Fraxtal
  2. Listen to our Fraxtal Points Spaces
  3. Go Check Your RWA Airdrop Allocations
  4. Watch DeFi Dave on the BlockBytes Podcast
  5. Join Owari Da DAO

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RedStone Announces Support for Fraxtal

RedStone provides oracle services for Liquid Staking and Restaking tokens price feeds. Builders on Fraxtal can now utilize wETH, eETH, ETHx, swETH, osETH, and apxETH in their dapps with RedStone.

Watch DeFi Dave AlphaBytes Interview Marcin from RedStone

Listen to our Fraxtal Points Spaces

Yesterday we held a space with Hollow Grahm to discuss his article "New DeFi Meta: The Fraxtal Point System Explained." We talked about the potential for FXTL points, how they could be tokenized and convert to veFXS, as well as future rage quit ideas for lockers. If you want to learn about Frax's upcoming airdrop and how FXTL can be earned, go listen now.

Go Check Your RWA Airdrop Allocations

If you hold veFXS, cvxFXS, cvxFXS/FXS LP, vlCVX, cvxFXS, (u)cvxFXS or Stakedao FXS you are eligible for the upcoming RWA airdrop.

RWA or Real World Abs will be the first memecoin launched on Fraxtal. It's being airdropped entirely to the FXS community.

Watch DeFi Dave on the BlockBytes Podcast

Join Owari Da DAO For the Culture

It's Begun. Yes, the Frax Trading Chat's favorite meme is now a DAO. The group just started today and most likely will build and help onboard new users into Fraxtal. Come join the Telegram chat to be apart of the bear community.

Come Meet Us At ETH Denver

Cover Image for A Fraxtal In Time

Join us for a special occasion on March 1st as we celebrate the launch of Frax's pioneering rollup with drinks, and exclusive Frax panel, and a surprise performance that honors Denver's deep bass music culture.




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Watch Our Fraxtal Interview With Sam Kazemian

AlphaBytes: Asymmetry Finance Launches afETH using sfrxETH

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