This Week in Frax - February 9, 2024

Samuel McCulloch
Samuel McCulloch
Feb 9, 2024

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  1. Fraxtal Launches!
  2. Asymmetry Finance Launches afETH
  3. Governance Roundup
  4. Frax in Social Media
  5. Frax Reward Opportunities

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Fraxtal Launches! New Docs! New Website!

Big Week! Massive Launch! We finally got the docs for Fraxtal. We broke down how all the new incentive structures should work and what you should expect for the upcoming public release of Fraxtal. Right now the network is open to select launch partners, and in a couple of days it will go fully live. Read our analysis for the latest on Fraxtal.

AlphaBytes: QiDao Announces Fraxtal Deployment

Asymmetry Finance Launches afETH


afETH is a hybrid LST composed of 70% sfrxETH and 30% Convex's vlCVX. With vlCVX earning near 20% right now, it adds on additional yield. A very cool concept for mixed yield collateral design.

Come Meet Us At ETH Denver

Cover Image for A Fraxtal In Time

Join us for a special occasion on March 1st as we celebrate the launch of Frax's pioneering rollup with drinks, and exclusive Frax panel, and a surprise performance that honors Denver's deep bass music culture.

Sam Kazemian to Headline StableSummit


An interesting week for governance as the tfBILL vote failed to secure a yes vote. While we spoke with the team who was proposing the vote and it seemed similar to the Centrifuge FIP, C2 and other commented that there was not enough discussion on the FIP and that it needed to be revised. We don't think this proposal is dead, most likely it will be rewritten and then proposed again at some point in the future.

FIP-326 passed this week, adding a new revenue source for Frax. It's expected that it will bring in another $50k a month from CRV and FXS pools.

We love to see the request from the f(x) protocol team for seeding liquidity to their new frxETH product. If passed it would allocate USD $50,000.00 in FXS as incentives for its launch. The $50k would be distributed over a 14-day period to bring new locked liquidity.

And last, the price discovery FIP offers a new idea on how to allow for veFXS rage quits. It proposes having a dynamic fee that is based on the total percentage of FXS locked, where a lower fee would be charged if higher amounts of veFXS are locked.




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