Where to Find Single-Sided FXS Yield 🤑

Looking to boost your FXS yields within the Frax ecosystem? Here's a straightforward rundown of the top six platforms you need to check out.

Samuel McCulloch
Samuel McCulloch
Aug 17, 2023
Where to Find Single-Sided FXS Yield 🤑

Looking to boost your FXS yields within the Frax ecosystem? Here's a straightforward rundown of the top six platforms you need to check out.

You can see all the options for single FXS staking here :


Current yield: 0.19%-0.77%

Lock your FXS tokens in Frax Finance's veFXS for up to 4 years, and get up to four times the veFXS, which tapers as the lock ends. While you can't trade veFXS, it boosts your yield, grants governance voting power, and provides cash flow from Frax operations. It's built for committed participants and is central to Frax Finance's growth.

veFXS: https://app.frax.finance/vefxs


Current yield: 0.4%

Tokemak is a DeFi protocol optimizing liquidity for web3 applications, acting above decentralized exchanges. It addresses DeFi challenges like fragmented liquidity and high costs. Aiming to be the primary liquidity hub for web3, gaming, and the metaverse, it allows Liquidity Providers to stake assets while Liquidity Directors use TOKE tokens to direct this liquidity. It protects LPs from impermanent loss and enhances liquidity distribution.

TOKEMAK: http://tokemak.xyz/#assetTable


Current Yield: 7.94%

Convex Finance enhances opportunities for Curve.fi LPs and has integrated with Frax Finance. Convex supports Frax's FPIS token, FPI stablecoin, and allows FXS deposits to lock as veFXS, giving back cvxFXS in return. This token can be staked for rewards. Convex also boosts earnings for Frax LPs, including those from Uniswap, Sushiswap, and AAVE. Additionally, vlCVX holders in Convex can influence Frax governance.

cvxFXS (Convex): https://frax.convexfinance.com/

Hourglass (Formerly Pitch)

Current: 8.84%-43.19%

Rebranded as Hourglass, Pitch is a DAO dedicated to web3 governance and economic infrastructure. It's a leading liquidity incentive platform that collaborates with FXS and CRV communities. Its main offering, Pitch.Money, is a marketplace for vote incentives, addressing inefficiencies in crypto governance. It introduced "elastic rewards" for precise vote payment and a reward router for streamlined vote incentives. Shortly after its launch, they released PitchFXS, providing a more fluid Frax governance option. PitchFXS ensures veFXS holders maintain governance benefits and offers a competitive APR, integrating well with Frax tools. They prioritize user experience and community feedback.

pitchFXS (Pitch):  https://pitch.money/frax


Current Yield: 8.63-18.33%

Stake DAO is a decentralized platform helping users amplify their crypto assets. The platform offers varied strategies, each with a risk score for informed decision-making. They charge a 15% performance fee, compound 85% of profits, and levy a 0.5% withdrawal fee for veSDT holders. Their standout feature is the Liquid Locker, maximizing benefits from tokens like ANGLE, FXS, and CRV. Users enjoy higher yields, voting rights, and liquidity. For FXS, Stake DAO introduced sdFXS, offering more flexibility in utilizing and benefiting from the token.

sdFXS (StakeDAO): https://lockers.stakedao.org/lockers/fxs

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