The Top Yields for Frax on Arbitrum Week 3

Samuel McCulloch
Samuel McCulloch
Jan 22, 2024
The Top Yields for Frax on Arbitrum Week 3

What is the Arbitrum STIP?

The STIP is a 3 month incentive program voted on by the Arbitrum DAO to bring renewed interest, attract new users, and build liquidity across all the decentralized apps that call Arbitrum home.

Frax requested 1.5m ARB from a total of 50m to increase liquidity for all of its products and assets. The Arbitrum DAO voted heavily in favor to include Frax in this program.

Read more about Frax's involvement in STIP

Exclusive First Look: How Frax is Allocating Its STIP Funds on Arbitrum
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What Opportunities are there for Frax on Arbitrum?

Flywheel has aggregated all the incentivized pools in a handy spreadsheet. Use it to track APRs, TVL, and find links to all the DApps.

Frax Fianace STIP Incentives
Arbitrum Pools Token,LP Pair,Link,Jan 22 APR Unboosted,Jan 22 APR Boosted,APR Change,Jan 22 TVL (Thousands),TVL Change,Jan 15 APR Unboosted,Jan 15 APR Boosted,APR Change,Jan 15 TVL (Thousands),TVL Change,Jan 8 APR Unboosted,Jan 8 APR Boosted,Jan 8 TVL (Thousands),Pair,Type,Pool,Gauge sfrxETH,CDP…

This week we have started tracking weekly changes in TVL and APR. We used green and red to track increases or decreases to these stats.

Interesting Weekly Changes

Big TVL Changes

The top Curve LPs keep getting bigger. The FRAXBP increased its TVL by 45% to $6.6m and the frxETH/WETH pool increase 38.5% to 7.23. A massive increase for both pools.

Ramses' frxETH/sfrxETH pool had the largest percentage gain for any pool with more than $1m TVL, increasing by 70% this week to $1.2m! Incredible growth for this Ramses pool.

The biggest decrease in TVL on LPs with more than $100k TVL was the Uni V3 FRAX/frxETH pool offered by Merkle, which lost $300k and the Ramses FRAX/USDC pool which lost $400k in deposits.

Top Yields

For whales with more than $500k, the Curve pools will remain the best option for deposits. These pools are earning 30% APR, all while having a combined $15m in deposits. A large deposit of a few hundred thousand dollars in each pool would not impact yields significantly.

For more nimble farmers, the Vaultcraft lending pools pose a sizable opportunity. With only $27k and $34k between the GMX and WBTC pools, they are offering 5285% and 6101% rewards APR right now. It's the highest out of all pools.

Other notable pools would be the FRAX/USDC LP on Ramses with 84% APR and also Wombat's FRAX/sFRAX/USDC LP with 107% and 81% APR respectively for each asset.

Interesting Additions

Last, we want to highlight the Notional FRAX lending pool, which had a massive increase in TVL this week to over $1m and is earning 29% reward yields.

This Week in Frax - Sep 29, 2023
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We spoke to Notional a few weeks back. Go listen to our interview with Teddy.

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