The Top Yields for Frax on Arbitrum Week 7

Samuel McCulloch
Samuel McCulloch
Feb 19, 2024
The Top Yields for Frax on Arbitrum Week 7

What is the Arbitrum STIP?

The STIP is a 3 month incentive program voted on by the Arbitrum DAO to bring renewed interest, attract new users, and build liquidity across all the decentralized apps that call Arbitrum home.

Frax requested 1.5m ARB from a total of 50m to increase liquidity for all of its products and assets. The Arbitrum DAO voted heavily in favor to include Frax in this program.

Read more about Frax's involvement in STIP

Exclusive First Look: How Frax is Allocating Its STIP Funds on Arbitrum
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What Opportunities are there for Frax on Arbitrum?

Flywheel has aggregated all the incentivized pools in a handy spreadsheet. Use it to track APRs, TVL, and find links to all the DApps.

Frax Fianace STIP Incentives
Arbitrum Pools Token,LP Pair,Link,Jan 22 APR Unboosted,Jan 22 APR Boosted,APR Change,Jan 22 TVL (Thousands),TVL Change,Jan 15 APR Unboosted,Jan 15 APR Boosted,APR Change,Jan 15 TVL (Thousands),TVL Change,Jan 8 APR Unboosted,Jan 8 APR Boosted,Jan 8 TVL (Thousands),Pair,Type,Pool,Gauge sfrxETH,CDP…

Weekly changes in TVL and APR are shown in green and red to track increases or decreases to these stats.

Interesting Weekly Changes

Some pretty incredible opportunities from Ramses Exchange this week. The FRAX/DOLA pair has the largest TVL to APR right now, boasting 88% unboosted yields. Coming in hot right behind that the alETH/frxETH pair is getting 76.4% APR.

The yields for Vaultcraft must be wrong, as the displayed numbers are an order of magnitude lower than what's actually being earned. Sam's running $20 in each vault and earned 27 ARB ($54) for the ARB vault, 34 ARB ($68) for the GMX vault, and 3 ARB for the BTC vault. This is just in the past two weeks as well. Something must be off with how the distributions are being given. Win for those in the vaults.

The $1,000 Portfolio Sam setup is now up 50% (we used 100 ARB for the Flywheel Galxe Quest for Joke Race) over a 2 week period. Part of this is due to frxETH's performance, but almost 40% of the yield came from Vaultcraft.

The core Frax supported positions with gauges are also super hot right now. The FXB pairs are crushing still, both with triple digit yield for max boosts. The frxETH/WETH LP is earning 63.8% boosted, which is massive if you want to park long term liquidity on Arbitrum for ETH.

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