The Llamas are Curve Finance's new social layer

Are you ready for the new Curve Meta?

Samuel McCulloch
Samuel McCulloch
Feb 1, 2023
Llama, Llama, what do you see?

A digital world, just waiting for me!

With 1,111 tokens, we'll be a team,

Tracking actions both on and off-stream.

We'll earn badges to prove our might,

Showing skills and dedication in sight.

A new generation we'll bring and unite,

A digital workforce, so full of light!

Llama, Llama, what's the date?

Late Feb or Early March, it's not too late!

And every penny will help us create,

A world that's neutral, fair and great.

We'll have a contest, what a treat!

And interviews, that can't be beat!

With phases and partners, it can't be beat,

Llama, Llama, can't you see?

So come along and follow our lead,

To a world where we all succeed!

Llama, Llama, this is our creed,

Join us now, and take the lead!

-Flywheel 2023 :)
wwpk - Fraximalist :)

In this week’s episode we had on The Llamas’ creators Panda, wwpk, and Hawth, who talked shop about Curve, dropped some alpha about their upcoming NFT drop and also gave some praise for the Frax ecosystem.


The Llamas are the “social layer” for Curve Finance. With a total of 1111 digital identity tokens aka NFTs, the Llamas aim to reward positive-sum actions, both on-chain and off using a POAP-like system.

Minting for the Llamas will take place in late February to early March, with a target release date to be announced. The mint price is set at 0.1E, and all proceeds from the mint and trading fees will go directly to the Llamas’ treasury, which will be used to fund the project’s ecosystem and flywheel. The Llamas’ treasury will be invested in Convex and Curve as the main treasury assets, with the goal of eventually receiving grants and donations from other projects to further increase the flywheel.


Governance will be something added later on once the first few phases are completed. Something something veSystem.

The Llamas can be thought of as NFTs + badges (POAPs). NFT gets you entry to the social layer, and then the badges distinguish one Llama from the next. It’s a digital reputation system, with different badges having different effects on the yield  potential of the Llamas. Some badges will boost the yield for a lifetime, while others will boost it for a limited time before decaying. Third parties will also be able to deploy their own badges in the future, making the badge system similar to Degenscore. The badges will be implemented as ERC-1155s, like POAPs, where 1 badge is issued, and then it can be assigned to different NFTs.

The Llamas aim to bring a new level of engagement and reward to the Curve ecosystem and beyond. With their gamified badge system, airdrops, and partnerships with other projects, the Llamas are poised to make an impact on the intersection of DeFi and NFTs in a meaningful way.

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